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Introducing To Alert Types

Trading Alerts Type

TradeDots currently includes 10 different alert types. 8 are entry alerts with 4 signals each for "Long" and "Short". The remaining 2 signals (Take Profit and Stop Loss), triggered based on changing market conditions and price action, are for exits.

Strong Alerts (🟢🟢 or 🔴🔴)

These alerts are designed to spotlight high-reward opportunities even at the expense of a portion of the win rate. They commonly emerge near previous support pivots, and Changes in Character (CoCh) areas — so are best complemented with a tight stop-loss strategy to promptly respond to any shifts in market trends.

Weak Alerts (🟢 or 🔴)

As a balanced entry strategy for potential rewards with win-rate, these alerts are typically activated during strong market momentum phases, pinpointing fleeting entry opportunities for traders to capitalize on.

Reversal Alerts (📈 or 📉)

Designed to pinpoint potential market reversals, these alerts highlight extreme oversold or overbought conditions, facilitating swift trading actions in markets that are underpriced or overpriced.

Breakout Alerts (⬆️ or ⬇️)

These alerts scout for changes in market trends or breakouts triggered by gap creation following significant economic events or earnings releases. They suit traders who subscribe to the "Buy high, sell higher" approach.

Take Profit Alerts (💰)

These alerts indicate that the predetermined logic and price criteria, set by the TradeDots algorithms, have been met and provide a signal for an appropriate exit point from the current trading position.

Stop Loss Alerts 🛑

Triggered when the price strikes the preset stop loss percentage in the indicator settings, these alerts warn traders to mitigate potential losses.

Note: All scripts and indicators offered by TradeDots are intended for educational and informational use. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.